God's Spirit is our source of life, living water

Reflections for women - is a small but incredible women’s ministry that has seen some glorious results. It was started at the end of 2008 and has come to bloom these last few months (Beyond the expectations of all).

  • A number of Christian women had a desire to reach other woman for God. It was their desire to help women find their place and purpose in God’s Kingdom.
  • To date this has yielded a yearly conference called “the Reflection’s conference” hosted on the second Saturday of May, every year.
  • We have also published a few small booklets for the purposes of encouragement. Response to these booklets have been incredibly successful. We have seen these books being used at mega churches, catholic convents and schools, funerals, the salvation army and as gifts at other women’s conferences.
  • Today we take one step at a time. We take the new challenges as they come. For we know that we can as women do “ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens us”. If you would like to be apart of what we are doing, please contact us by clicking here.


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Reflections Womens Ministry